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Account Settings


Account settings address items for the entire account. There are separate settings for each bot that is created (find those in the Individual Bot Settings).

The account settings can be found by clicking the avatar in the upper right corner, next to the word "Dashboard".

From the drop-down, click Settings.

In the top right corner, there are four options: Settings, Subscription, Addons, and Billing.

Under Settings, the first item is your email address.

If you change your email address, you will get an email asking for verification.

It will look like this and you can click the button to confirm the change:

Next is the option to create a new password.


Finally, you have the option to create an API Key if you plan to access your chat history or query your bot, programmatically. Simply click the "Generate" button to get your key. If you believe your API Key has has been compromised, you can always click the Generate button and get a new one. You can also click the "View Documentation" button to review our API Documentation.

Next are the Subscription settings. Here, you can review your current plan and upgrade (or downgrade) as your needs change.

Each of the plans shows the highlights of the differences between it and the previous (lower level) plan. If you click to change a plan, you will be taken to a Billing page where you can complete the purchase.

You can also click the Monthly and Yearly options at the very top to toggle between the two billing options. There is very nice discount offered for annual plans.

The next option is Addons. If you don't want to upgrade your entire plan, here is where you can upgrade your account, selectively. It's important to note that Addons are purchased one at a time. If you want to add two (2) Bots and 250,000 Tokens, you will have to complete each transaction individually. (Yes, we know that's kind of annoying, but we're working on it.)

If you click "Bots" or "Tokens" or "Messages" you will have the option to add bunches of them to a shopping basket. When you're ready, you can click the basket to be taken to the Billing page.

If you click "CNAME" or "No Branding", you will be taken directly to the Billing page where you can complete your purchase.

Finally, we get to Billing. This is where you can update the billing information for your active subscription. You can add a Payment method, update address information, and review any previous invoices.

This covers the overall, Account settings.

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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